Sumo Practice!

center of gravity is everything in sparring as well as sumo

The sport originated in Japan, the only country where it is practiced professionally. It is considered a gendai budō, which refers to modern Japanese martial art, but the sport has a history spanning many centuries.

This month, in addition to weapons training, Iwata dojo is hosting sumo practice! The key is to re-connect your awareness to your center of gravity and the distribution of weight. We each have different body types, which give us both advantages and disadvantages. Only through practice in the ring can we discover a way to handle these abilities.

Battle on the Boardwalk

Iwata Dojo will be going to Atlantic City, NJ for IFK’s Battle on the Boardwalk 2 on January 24th-26th. We have fighters ready to compete and we’ll be there in attendance to support our Karate brothers and sisters. If you’re nearby please come and say hello. The event will be held at the Tropicana Hotel and is full of celebrity martial artists and vendors selling martial arts merch and gear.