About Us

Karate-Do Iwata Dojo is Japanese Karate which has its roots in Kyokushin Karate (Mas Oyama’s Karate) – full contact style Karate, not a point system. Director of Iwata Dojo, Sensei Hiro Iwata started his Kyokushin Karate training in 1986 in his hometown of Kyoto, Japan. Sensei Iwata moved to New York in 1988 and continued his Karate training in another full contact Karate Dojo. Iwata Dojo was started as a branch Dojo of the organization in 2004, In 2008 Iwata Dojo left the organization and became “Karate-Do Iwata Dojo” In 2009 Sensei Iwata started learning from a great Okinawan Karate Master, Sensei Kenji Ushiro and is now incorporating some traditional Okinawan Karate training in a relatively modern full contact style Karate.

Though Sensei Iwata appreciates and understands the benefits of the large commercialized Karate organizations for making Karate popular and recognizable, he refused to make a business out of Karate and having his students as customers. Thus he collects just the minimum fee to keep the studio space and teaches out of his passion for Karate. Sensei Iwata sees his students as family members and students also see each other as brothers and sisters.

The symbol of Iwata Dojo is the Iwata family crest.